Let's try this again, shall we? Plus....MEAT and BREAD and VEGGIES oh my!

I have been a Slacker Mcslackerson with the old blog lately. I feel badly that I have neglected this space as I know that in order to have readers you must actually write more than once every few months. I promise I have an excuse but I don’t want to use this time to talk about that. Nobody likes excuses. How about this….I promise to do my best to start writing more. To share with you either stories of what’s going on in my life or pictures of what inspires me or makes me smile as I have in the past.

Don’t worry this post isn’t all excuses….I do have something to share with you. My sister Terrie and her husband Pete run a fantastic butcher shop on Long Island in NY. The business has been in Pete’s family for many years and he has been running the show for as long as I can remember. They recently started a blog to share recipes, specials and pics of their awesome store. I suggest you check it out (especially if you live on Long Island as their food is FANTASTIC!) I wish I lived closer so I could eat some of Peter’s steaks and my sister’s home made salads all the time!

LINK: Stork's Prime Meats

aren't they the cutest?!

…and now I’m hungry! Hey sis…wanna fly on down to Baltimore with some steaks?!
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