Tiptoe through the Tulips

We had a wonderful Easter with Sean's family this weekend.  Not only was there lots of good food to eat, but Penelope was spoiled with love from her grandparents and great grandmother.  What a lucky baby!  Also, as promised - here are some pictures of Penelope in her Easter dress!!

  I also took a trip to the Baltimore tulip gardens today, Sherwood Gardens, to take some pictures of Penelope amongst the beautiful flowers.  Unfortunately my white balance on my camera was incorrect but it looked fine through the viewfinder.  Only a few of the hundreds I took came out halfway decent.  I may have to go back in the next few days to take some more.  It is so pretty there!  Here are the few that came out...

I had her in her easter dress for a little bit

Hope you all had a happy Easter!

It's a beautiful day

I can't believe how time is just flying by! Penelope has changed so much in the past 10 weeks. She's just getting so big and I just love her to bits.  I am enjoying staying home with her more than I ever imagined.  I'm definitely getting more into the groove of things and am able to get some things done during the day.  I think the fact that I'm not pumping anymore has definitely freed up time as well.  I'm finally over the guilt of not breastfeeding and am enjoying feeding her so much more now.  AND as a bonus, now that she's on the acid reflux formula she is doing so much better too! Sure she still spits up, but it's not nearly as traumatic as it was before - so yay!

Anyway, here are some new pics of our little princess!

sleeping on our walk to the coffee shop

napping on mommy's chest

so strong - holding her head up during tummy time

looking cute in her spring outfit

sneaking peeks while napping on mommy
In other news, I have done some things to myself to change up my look for spring.  I was trying to decide if I should cut my hair which is now halfway down my back..or if I should dye it dark again.  And I decided on....

dark again for spring
And finally - I bought Penelope the most ADORABLE Easter outfit! I took some pictures of her in it today just in case the cloudy skies predicted for Sunday don't allow me to take good shots.  I'm not going to share them until Easter - but...here is just a slice of the lovliness that you're going to see!

you have NO idea how beautiful she looks!
So I guess that's it for now.  Penelope and I are going to go for a little walk now in this gorgeous weather! Hugs to all!

Feelin' like Spring

Things have been going pretty good in the Diamond household the past few days.  Penelope is on 100% formula. She has had problems with choking so our pediatrician told us to mix rice cereal into her formula.  We tried this with breast milk but apparently the enzymes in breast milk break down the rice so it doesn't work.  So, we tried it again with the formula and after many different tries of mixing formula with rice cereal, destroying a bunch of nipples to get the hole size right to pass the cereal through, etc...we have finally figured it out.   We figured out that we shouldn't mix cereal in at all but to use Enfamil AR formula for acid reflux.  It already has cereal mixed in so we don't have to worry about giving her too much cereal and empty calories and so far she hasn't had a major choking episode.  We are using this formula with the 6 month Dr. Brown's nipples and it has been great! She is eating well again (about 3 ozs a feeding!) and she seems to be handling it well.  I can't tell you what a relief this is after all of the feeding issues we've had trying to get this right.  I feel so bad when I see my little girl in pain or struggling to eat.

In other news, I just took some photos of Penelope in her little spring dress. We are going to go visit my old office today so that they can meet her, so I figured I'd dress her up in a little cute outfit for the occasion.  And it's super nice out today so what better excuse to put on a little dress!
She's so strong lifting her head!

2 Months Old

bright eyed
I just can't believe it - you turn 2 months old today. So much has changed in the past month. You are out of the teeny tiny premie clothes and into the newborn size (although you can only fit in the Carter's brand - all the other brands are still too large). As I packed away all the premie clothes I found it hard to believe you were able to fit into them.  You are almost double your birth weight and I am just so proud of how you're growing.

cutest outfit ever! Check out the socks!!

You are hating the bath a little bit less - but you would still rather be snuggled up in someone's arms. You are getting so good at lifting your head and you have a killer grip. 

sleeping on mommy's chest
We are slowly switching you to formula, and for that I have had a lot of guilt.  Because you had such trouble with breastfeeding, I was pumping exclusivly - and I just wasn't producing enough for you.  We have used up all the reserves of breast milk in the freezer from when you were in the NICU and just had to face the fact that you would have to go to formula wheither we wanted you to or not.  I'm sorry baby...I really tried.  But - you have been handling the transition wonderfully.  You are still drinking like a champ and gaining weight beautifully. 
snuggled in a swaddle

We have had lots of visitors and everyone who meets you falls instantly in love.  I can't blame them - you are the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!  I love you more and more every day and I just can't believe you are mine.  Your daddy and I are so proud to be your parents and can't wait to get to know you more each and every day.

lifting her head!


Little Miss Popularity

Penelope is quite the popular gal.  She's had quite a few visitors and she just loves the company! There is nothing she likes more than being held, and these past few weekends she has been in heaven!

2 weeks ago, Chris and Archana paid us a visit.  Penelope was so happy to see them.  She is also happy that Archana told me about the double swaddle.  Now she's as snug as a bug during sleepy time!
I think P just tooted!
feeling cozy
Then last weekend we had lots of family over.  My sister Tracy and her husband Dave came for a visit from NJ, Sean's sisters Maura and Tara from Philly, and his parents from the Eastern Shore.  Lots of traveling to see our little girl! She was literally held from the time she woke up until late at night.  I have never seen her sleep so much! Nothing like warm, snuggly family to curl up and nap with...that's her motto!

Aunt Tara and Aunt Maura seeing her for the first time since the hospital!
hanging with Grandpop
snuggling with Grandmom
sleeping in Uncle Dave's arms
Winding down after a fun day with Aunt Tracy
Aunt Stacey is coming over this afternoon and this weekend my dad is coming to visit from South Carolina.  Penelope is very excited!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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