The Pregnancy Saga Continues

So I haven’t been feeling like blogging much lately, but figured it’s been a while so I should write an update on what’s been going on.  There is a lot of stuff that happens that nobody tells you about before you’re pregnant.  I have had horrible charlie horses in my calves that wake me up from a dead sleep with crippling pain.  Then there is the bloody nose I woke up to the other day.  Oh and the other day I had just gotten out of the shower, sneezed, and peed myself.  Thankfully I wasn’t dressed yet and was able to jump right back in the shower.  These things happen more than I’d like to admit (thank goodness for panty liners!) And now…my belly is getting so big…that it’s hard to breathe or put my pants on, or my socks, or shave my legs.  I just never thought about all this stuff.


Now that she’s getting bigger I’m starting to feel her move more.  Having the anterior placenta has been such a drag because I couldn’t really feel her moving around inside me.  But lately she’s moving around a lot in there and I can feel it! It is so magical it makes all the other stuff totally worth it.  I have been hoping that Sean would be able to feel her move – and have had him put his hands on my belly many times only for him to feel nothing.  But this morning – he felt her kick two times! I am so happy! I hope he’ll be able to feel it more often now. 

Here are some pics from today.  I'm hitting 27 weeks tomorrow! Same as last time, I'm at work so the pics aren't all pretty and photoshopped to look like my skin is all glowing (more like preggo acneness) - but I figured you really just want a peek at that huge belly anyway so here it is!

BOOM - there it is!

Baby and Mama checking out the snow!

for my husband

I'll admit it....this post is basically for my husband who has no clue what to get me for Christmas.  I figured I'd just write a post of "things I like" and see where it goes.  For the rest of you - maybe you'll like something you see for yourself OR you can just see a bit into what kinds of pretty things I like.  Either it goes.

- a nice candle from yankee
- a new perfume or gift certificate to Ulta where I can pick one
- a new scent of bubble bath are some links to other stuff I like

Rustic Trees Painting (from the StudioZen Etsy shop)

I think this woud look nice above the couch

Blossom Wall Art from Bed, Bath and Beyond
this would look nice in either the living room OR the bedroom
Portable Photo Studio from Think Geek

this would be great for when I get back to my etsy store!
  Gift Card to Massage Envy

because - who doesn't love a massage?!
 Black Gloves (from Amazon)

my tiny black gloves don't cover my cold!
Rib Slouch Hat in Black (from Etsy Store tomiffy )

cause it's cute and can keep my head warm!
Washi Tape (from Happy Tape)
this tape is so pretty and has so many uses!

 Honda Odyssey
just sayin....
Like I said...these are just suggestions - I don't expect to get anything off this list.  But he asked so I searched the internet and this is what I came up with.  Honestly, I have been so focused on our little girl coming into the world that all the things I "want" are things for her....or for us as a new family.  It was a struggle to even come up with a list. It's funny how priorities change and she's not even here yet. already gave me the greatest gift....a family! You're the best (and all can go barf now!)

The Velveteen Etsy Shop is Up!!

My good friend Biscuit just opened her etsy shop and it is awesome!  She makes the most adorable headbands for both adults and kids.  Each piece is more adorable than the last and  I am just so proud of her.  She's been working hard to get this shop up and running, and I'm so glad she's joined the etsy community.  Click HERE to check it out!

Here are some of the beautiful things she has for sale!

Seriously - go HERE and scoop up a custom headband for yourself or someone you love for the holidays!

24 1/2 weeks

I just had WB take my picture in the hallway at work because I keep forgetting to ask Sean to do it and the weeks are flying by.  My hair is a mess, I have no makeup on, and (you can't see it) but I have bright pink argyle socks on.  I just don't care these days if I look put together because I feel like everyone stares at my belly anyway.  Hah...that's fine by me! That little girl inside of me can get all the attention!

Sean has been very sweet lately, kissing me AND my belly when he sees me.  I think now that I'm getting bigger he's getting more excited and it's more real for him.  The only bummer is that I have a front facing (anterior) placenta.  It's nothing to be concerned about and happens in about 30% of pregnancies.  What it DOES mean is that the baby is basically kicking the placenta in the front instead of my uterine wall.'s kind of muffled - like she's kicking through a pillow.  So, I can barely feel the kicks compared to other women at my stage of pregnancy and Sean still can't feel it from the outside.  I really wish he could experience this amazing thing with me..and I know in time he will, but that it will just take a bit longer.  But it's still really neat and I'm just thankful that she's healthy and I'm doing so well so far.  Other than my tailbone pain and sleepiness I feel pretty great!

So, here is my huge belly at 24 1/2 weeks!

dang - that's a big belly!
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