Visit with the Grandparents, Aunties and Great Grandma

We had a wonderful visit with Sean's family this Sunday.  Aunties Maura and Tara came down from Philly to see their little niece and celebrate an early father's day down on the eastern shore. Lots of baby snuggles happened between feasting on crabs and corn on the cob (yum!)

Here are some pictures from the day...

Aunt Maura and Aunt Tara snuggling with Penelope
Aunt Tara just can't get over how cute her little niece is!

Aunt Maura getting in some extra snuggles
Grandpa burping Penelope after a big lunch!
Penelope showing off her new owl hat that Aunt Tara crocheted for her.  Isn't it the cutest!?!
We also stopped by to see Great Grandma while we were in town.  She and Penelope had a great time together!!
Penelope had a fantastic time!

Things that I've been dreaming of

There are so many things that I see online that I want for our little Peanut when she gets older.  I figured I'd take a second and put some on here so I wouldn't forget about them.

1. Isn't this the most adorable bedroom ever?  I'd love to have a toddler bed like this for her. It is darling!
2. I will learn how to make these wings for her!
3. I kind of want to buy this print for her room now.  Great message!
find here:
4. I am OBSESSED with these boots! This store is killing me! They're all sold out now but I'm tempted to order them as soon as they come back in stock in a size she'll grow into just so I can get them.  Cutest boots EVER!
find here:
5. When she's old enough for a pet hamster - this is the most awesome cage to get for it!
unfortunately only found in Italy:
6. And finally, I am definitely going to do this when it's time for Penelope to start loosing her teeth.  How cool to have a little fairy door on the wall where she magically comes out when it's time to leave our little sweetheart some money for her lost tooth.
found here:
So that's what I'm thinking about these days.  Yeah, she has a long way to go before these things become useful - but she's totally worth daydreaming about.  I mean look at this face!

nawww! so cute!

Penelope Update - Mostly Pictures

I haven't blogged in a sorry! It's so hard to get anything like this done when I'm so busy enjoying my little girl! She has grown so much this past month and it's amazing! She turned 16 weeks this past Saturday - I can't believe she's been around for 4 months now! Time sure does fly!  Here's what she's been up to...

Remember how much she hated bath time?  Well now she LOVES it!
She loves having the water pour over her head!

Who knew this could be so awesome!?!

She also love staring at the ceiling fan....she could do it for hours (which is nice when I need to get something done)!
hypnotized by the ceiling fan...
She loves getting dressed up (or rather I LOVE dressing her)! She's my own living doll...tee hee!
cute little sundress

A jean skirt? I mean come on!! Cuteness overload!

Daddy themed outfit!

Another cute sundress
She's starting to do cool things like coo and hold her head up for longer periods of time!
She loves her activity mat!

Yaarr...I'm cooing people!
When she's upset she can pout like it's nobody's business!
that lower lip can crush your heart!
But after her bottle or some extra snuggles...she's all happy again and ready for a snooze.
And maybe after a nap she's ready for a trip out and about.
I'm ready for my close up

chillaxin in the grass
Well, I guess that's about it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather! Penelope, Sean and I have been having a great time!
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