Just a little photo update

I haven't posted on here in a REALLY long time, and I don't even know who would read it even if I did anymore. I think the few people that followed me have probably deleted me from their lists...oh well.

That being said, I figured I'd post a little photo update of what Penelope has been up to lately just for funsies.

Here are some recent pics of my beautiful, spirited little girl from this summer. (In no particular order)

Hope everyone else had an amazing summer. We sure did!

Fun at the Park

Here a few pictures from the park today. We went to take first birthday pics for our friend Jordan and I figured while we were there we should take a few of Penelope in her little dress.  Here are some pics.

Easter Egg Hunt #2

Penelope had her second easter egg hunt today, with her buddies from my stay at home mommies group. She had lots of fun playing with her friends and picking up eggs.  I posted most of the pictures on facebook, but wanted to post here for those of you who see this but aren't on FB. 

We are going to our final easter egg hunt tomorrow at Penelope's friend Matthew's house. I can't wait to take even more pictures to share with you all.  In the meantime, here are some of my faves from today.

Is there something in here?

it's so bright out here!

Is there something on my head?
with her buddy Jordan

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our good friends Keely & Bernie's house for their annual Easter egg hunt.  Penelope and all of the kids had a fantastic time! And I loved seeing all of my bestest college friends all together with all our kiddos. It was so much fun and we really should make it a point to see each other more often!  Here are some pictures of the fantastic day!

finding her first egg

can I eat these?
this is fun!!


this one is about to POP! So exciting!

Oh snap! More eggs!!

I got them ALL!

the Biscuit and her man

our lovely host!

Wouldn't expect anything less from this fool!

such a beautiful family...about to get bigger too! Baby #3 this week!

mmmm CANDY!
Love this family!

Our gracious mini host!


mouth full of candy
We had a great time!
is it next year yet? I wanna do it again!

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