The Pregnancy Saga Continues

So I haven’t been feeling like blogging much lately, but figured it’s been a while so I should write an update on what’s been going on.  There is a lot of stuff that happens that nobody tells you about before you’re pregnant.  I have had horrible charlie horses in my calves that wake me up from a dead sleep with crippling pain.  Then there is the bloody nose I woke up to the other day.  Oh and the other day I had just gotten out of the shower, sneezed, and peed myself.  Thankfully I wasn’t dressed yet and was able to jump right back in the shower.  These things happen more than I’d like to admit (thank goodness for panty liners!) And now…my belly is getting so big…that it’s hard to breathe or put my pants on, or my socks, or shave my legs.  I just never thought about all this stuff.


Now that she’s getting bigger I’m starting to feel her move more.  Having the anterior placenta has been such a drag because I couldn’t really feel her moving around inside me.  But lately she’s moving around a lot in there and I can feel it! It is so magical it makes all the other stuff totally worth it.  I have been hoping that Sean would be able to feel her move – and have had him put his hands on my belly many times only for him to feel nothing.  But this morning – he felt her kick two times! I am so happy! I hope he’ll be able to feel it more often now. 

Here are some pics from today.  I'm hitting 27 weeks tomorrow! Same as last time, I'm at work so the pics aren't all pretty and photoshopped to look like my skin is all glowing (more like preggo acneness) - but I figured you really just want a peek at that huge belly anyway so here it is!

BOOM - there it is!

Baby and Mama checking out the snow!

for my husband

I'll admit it....this post is basically for my husband who has no clue what to get me for Christmas.  I figured I'd just write a post of "things I like" and see where it goes.  For the rest of you - maybe you'll like something you see for yourself OR you can just see a bit into what kinds of pretty things I like.  Either it goes.

- a nice candle from yankee
- a new perfume or gift certificate to Ulta where I can pick one
- a new scent of bubble bath are some links to other stuff I like

Rustic Trees Painting (from the StudioZen Etsy shop)

I think this woud look nice above the couch

Blossom Wall Art from Bed, Bath and Beyond
this would look nice in either the living room OR the bedroom
Portable Photo Studio from Think Geek

this would be great for when I get back to my etsy store!
  Gift Card to Massage Envy

because - who doesn't love a massage?!
 Black Gloves (from Amazon)

my tiny black gloves don't cover my cold!
Rib Slouch Hat in Black (from Etsy Store tomiffy )

cause it's cute and can keep my head warm!
Washi Tape (from Happy Tape)
this tape is so pretty and has so many uses!

 Honda Odyssey
just sayin....
Like I said...these are just suggestions - I don't expect to get anything off this list.  But he asked so I searched the internet and this is what I came up with.  Honestly, I have been so focused on our little girl coming into the world that all the things I "want" are things for her....or for us as a new family.  It was a struggle to even come up with a list. It's funny how priorities change and she's not even here yet. already gave me the greatest gift....a family! You're the best (and all can go barf now!)

The Velveteen Etsy Shop is Up!!

My good friend Biscuit just opened her etsy shop and it is awesome!  She makes the most adorable headbands for both adults and kids.  Each piece is more adorable than the last and  I am just so proud of her.  She's been working hard to get this shop up and running, and I'm so glad she's joined the etsy community.  Click HERE to check it out!

Here are some of the beautiful things she has for sale!

Seriously - go HERE and scoop up a custom headband for yourself or someone you love for the holidays!

24 1/2 weeks

I just had WB take my picture in the hallway at work because I keep forgetting to ask Sean to do it and the weeks are flying by.  My hair is a mess, I have no makeup on, and (you can't see it) but I have bright pink argyle socks on.  I just don't care these days if I look put together because I feel like everyone stares at my belly anyway.  Hah...that's fine by me! That little girl inside of me can get all the attention!

Sean has been very sweet lately, kissing me AND my belly when he sees me.  I think now that I'm getting bigger he's getting more excited and it's more real for him.  The only bummer is that I have a front facing (anterior) placenta.  It's nothing to be concerned about and happens in about 30% of pregnancies.  What it DOES mean is that the baby is basically kicking the placenta in the front instead of my uterine wall.'s kind of muffled - like she's kicking through a pillow.  So, I can barely feel the kicks compared to other women at my stage of pregnancy and Sean still can't feel it from the outside.  I really wish he could experience this amazing thing with me..and I know in time he will, but that it will just take a bit longer.  But it's still really neat and I'm just thankful that she's healthy and I'm doing so well so far.  Other than my tailbone pain and sleepiness I feel pretty great!

So, here is my huge belly at 24 1/2 weeks!

dang - that's a big belly!

Giving Thanks

This weekend was great….very hectic, way too short and great! It started on Thursday morning with us packing our stuff into a very large enterprise van and driving up to New Jersey for my family’s thanksgiving feast.  My family does thanksgiving like nobody else I know.  Every year my mom’s side of the family gets together for an epic celebration.  75 family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and now third cousins!) all get together and feast! There is a list of what each family will bring (I was in charge of sternos, 2 desserts, and enough lettuce for 75 sandwiches) and a hall is rented.  We have had thanksgiving in the same hall for the past 5 years or so…it’s the basement of a church in a sleepy NJ town. Folding tables line each side of the room and are filled with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry, and everything else you can imagine you’d want for your thanksgiving dinner.  Then there is the dessert table.  About 50 desserts to choose from! I think I had about 4 different types of pie!

It’s such a great time…being able to see all of those people, seeing the kids grow, seeing my young cousins getting engaged, married, having children of their own.  And seeing my aunts and uncles…knowing these are precious moments that we get to spend together now that I’ve moved away from NJ and now with my father moving down to South Carolina in a few short months.  The fact that we all still get together for this event every year – that this has been going on since before I was born…is amazing.  It’s so great that we can all get together and get along and spend this time together.

This thanksgiving was especially wonderful because my sisters had something up their sleeves that I was unaware of.  Right after I finished up dessert I was sitting at a table with my Aunt chit chatting when all of a sudden my sister came up behind me waving a pink ribbon over my head yelling for everyone’s attention.  It took a few minutes for me to realize what was going on – my sisters had planned a surprise baby shower for me in the middle of thanksgiving dinner! Sean didn’t know either – we were both shocked! I turned bright red, turned around and saw that they had set up two chairs, pink decorations, and there were a pile of presents sitting there.  I had my back turned talking to my Aunt while they were decorating and had no clue this was happening behind us!

So over we went, and opened presents and got to ooh and aah over all the adorable little girlie things that my wonderful family gave to us.  It was hard to absorb what was even going on…it was such a treat! To be able to celebrate our little girl coming into our lives with all of this family around us was amazing. It was almost like my mom was there with us…it was really special.

I know I said I wasn’t a fan of surprises…but if this is what it’s like to be surprised, well maybe I had it all wrong.  My sisters did an amazing job and surprised the crap out of us…and I couldn’t be more thankful for them or that moment.

A big ol' pain in the a$$

I hate to complain...well that's not true, I'm actually pretty darn good at complaining. But I feel bad complaining about the problems of being pregnant when I'm so very happy that I am pregnant.  Let me just say though, that I had no idea it would be such a pain in my ass.  Literally.

My sciatic nerve is killing my will to live.  I have pain from the back of my right knee all the way up to my tailbone.  Sitting at my desk has become something close to torture.  Walking for too long makes me feel like my tailbone is going to just rip off and fall to the ground.  The only time I'm comfortable is when I'm laying down - either the couch or the bed.  Unfortunately the won't allow a chaise or couch next to my desk.

I am now wearing what can only be compared to as a heavy lifter belt. 

this is NOT me....

It's actually supposed to support my belly and lift it up a bit to take pressure of my spine.  It's helping ever so slightly.  It mostly helps when I'm standing or walking - but the sitting is still pretty unbearable.  I am sitting on a pillow at my desk but my fat ass has already mushed that thing to a pancake so it's no longer giving support.

I have been getting back rubs from the hubby at night and using a heating pad.  These are both wonderful things - I just wish I could figure out how to make the 8 hours at work more bearable.  At this point I just want to cry and lay down on the floor to get relief from this pain in my ass.  I can't believe I have another 4 months of this pain.  It is definitely not as bad as morning sickness...but it is a close second.

Sorry for my bitch session...I'm just having a pity party....table for one.

Hot n' Tasty

I don't know about you all...but I need to get me a pair of these here waffle pants.  They combine my 2 favorite things....pants and breakfast!

mmmm tasty pantaloons
image via The Gloss


The nesting has begun.  I have started thinking and dreaming about how I want our little girl’s nursery to look.  It is pretty funny….she is still months away but I am obsessed with getting everything ready now.  I guess it’s good to do it before I get huge and can’t move around like I can now.

So…I started with looking for furniture.  I wanted to get a few pieces for her room – like a dresser, changing table, and things of that nature.  I started my quest by looking in the typical places.  Target, Ikea, Babies R Us….but nothing caught my eye.  Then I looked at Land of Nod and Crate and Barrel…and holy crap that stuff is ridiculously expensive! Scratch that.  So then I decided to do a quick peek on craigslist.  And the stars aligned….and I found this!

A solid wood bedroom set from the 1950s. These pieces were a lady’s great grandmother’s furniture. Beautiful curved details, perfectly working drawers, and solid! And the best part?  We got the entire set for $50!!! I mean is that a steal or what?

So obviously our daughter won’t need a makeup vanity or headboard for a while – but the 2 dressers and cabinet are perfect.  We’ll just keep the other pieces in storage until it’s time for her to transition to them. The taller dresser is the perfect height to put a changing pad on top and the other one sits a bit lower.  The cabinet is perfect to store extra blankets and diapers. Horray!

So a minor setback was when our friends freaked us out by saying it could have lead paint on there since the furniture is so old.  We made a trip to Home Depot to pick up a lead paint test and thankfully it came back negative! YAY!!

The stuff was painted an off white with yellow streaked paint.  It had a few places where the paint was chipped so we decided to paint it white.  (Well I decided and Sean had to paint it…hey, I’m not allowed to). So this past weekend Sean went to work.  He did a light sanding and used spray paint. 

He's such a good sport...and handsome too!

While he was busy painting, I was busy shopping! I went to Anthropologie and bought the most beautiful knobs for the cabinet doors. I am in love!!

1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint and it’s all done! He did such a great job and I can’t wait to get it in the room! I promise to share pics once we have everything in place! YAY!!


I am so excited to finally be able to tell everyone that it is a girl! We went and had our follow up ultrasound today and she was in a good position this time to get all the images they needed.  Everything looks great and she is dancing all around in there.  And they were able to see for sure that it's a girl! Now I can finally start really thinking about the nursery and names and all the sugar and spice and everything nice that comes with little girls! I can not wait to meet her!!!


I am so super duper excited! Ever since I got pregnant, my jewelry making has come to a grinding halt.  First I felt too sick to sit in my little craft nook and work, and then it was just too darn hot in that front bedroom to sit for any length of time.  Then there was the whole issue of nothing selling on the etsy shop for months.  All of these things kind of zapped my creative energy.  However…

I have sold 3 pieces in the past week! I am so excited! Two necklaces and a pair of earrings! To 2 different people! This is making me feel that my stuff is worth selling…worth putting out there to the etsy consumers.  I hope that people like my stuff, but it’s scary to put your jewelry out on the market after you’ve created from the heart. I feel like Sally Field – “They like me…they REALLY like me!”  Ok, yes I’m a total nerd…but this is a huge boost of confidence for me.

And now I have a renewed energy to get back into my little craft nook and create some fun and sweet pieces to add to the shop.  Stay tuned!

19 Weeks!

Well, I’m now a little over 19 weeks preggo now and I feel great.  Sure I’m tired all the time…but I can do stuff on the weekends other than lay on the couch all day whining to my husband about how sick I feel.  I consider this a huge improvement! Around 9pm I lose all energy and have to drag myself to bed, but until then I’m in pretty good shape.

Anyway, I realized I hadn’t taken or posted any belly pictures so I figured I’d do that today.  Sean and I went to Larriland Farms in Woodbine, MD Sunday to pick out pumpkins.  This place is awesome! There was a hay bale maze, hayrides, a beautiful lake, cute goats you can pet, and lots of tasty treats.  We sampled some sweet potato fries and a piece of pumpkin pie and sipped on fresh lemonade.  It was fantastic!  And it was really warm out too! Almost too warm…but a nice treat for so late in the fall! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I can’t wait until we have a little one that we can bring here to pick apples and pumpkins in the fall and berries and peaches in the spring/summer!

19 weeks preggo...look at that belly!

my handsome hubby and I


yeah....we're dorks!

It's a ???

We went and had our “determine the sex of the baby” ultrasound yesterday….and received the ultrasound tech’s MOST DIFFICULT BABY OF THE DAY award.  Apparently the bebbe was laying in the most inconvenient position.  We were there for an hour and a half. 

We still need to go back in 2 weeks because they were not able to see the spine, 1 of the kidneys, and a bunch of other stuff.  They also were only able to get one good look at the parts that tell you if it’s a boy and a girl.  They gave us a 90% sure that it’s a ------ but until they have a few different angles they can’t be sure.  I figure 90% is pretty good odds that it’s a  ------, but I’m not going to announce it to the interwebs just yet.  We told our families what they said it is, but before I alert the masses, I figured we’d better be sure.  So, keep posted for the official announcement on November 4th!

Registry Panic

So...just for funsies I decided to start a registry on Babies R Us a few minutes ago.  You know...just kind of get it started to see what kinds of things we will need when the baby comes in March.  I know I wrote about this earlier in a silly post about all the insane stuff people buy that they don't need. But after looking at the registry site and all the stuff they suggest plus all the other stuff that is out there - I'll admit it.  I'm pretty terrified.  How the heck are you supposed to A. know what you need and B. know what to do with half of the crap once you get it?  Holy crap you guys, I'm having a bit of a panic attack right now.  How the heck are you supposed to know about this stuff?  I didn't grow up around kids, and the one little guy I watch on occasion (big ups to Wiz!) comes with a small bag of the essentials.  I never had to tend to sick babies, and I never had to pick out what type of diapers, bottles, strollers, car seats, etc that are the best. I know we have a while to go before the little one gets here - but how do you even get a clue between now and then to even fathom what to do with all this stuff?

It's times like this when I miss my mom the most.  I know it would have been a long time since she had kids, and it's just as easy to ask my sisters or a friend...but there is something different about asking mom, ya know?  Like I don't want to impose on my friends or family, I don't want to freak out to them about all the fears I have about not having a frickin' clue about what I'm doing.  I know my mom would have been able to calm me in these times.

I know I'm having a minor freak out and it will pass...all in all my emotions have been pretty level considering the hormones that are raging in my body...but I'm missing my mom and freaking out and am terrified that I won't know what to do.

I just miss my mommy.

Being Pregnant is sometimes terrifying

It's crazy how every little thing your body does freaks you out when your preggers. Any kind of change can send you into a whirlwind of fear that something crazy bad is happening. I have never been so conscious about what I eat, what I drink, my bodily functions, every pain and every noise that comes from my body. I take better care of myself than I ever did before - it's pretty crazy. Now that I am responsible for someone other than myself, I make sure to drink milk and eat veggies and get lots of sleep. I just want this little baby inside me to have the best chance at a healthy and good life...and if I can somehow spearhead that with being good to myself than so be it!

Mia's Morning Routine

Every morning my eh-hem...simple dog, Mia, must take this red blanket and push it into a ball.  It takes anywhere from 10 seconds to over a minute.  This happens every single morning.  Sometimes she finally settles on it, and others....she walks away from the ball and flops down at the foot of the bed.  It's a good thing she's cute because the poor girl is dumb as a box of rocks.

Behold....Mia in all her silly glory!

When Stink Bugs Attack!

I am not a fan of bugs...AT ALL! I try to avoid any place that has bugs or where bugs may be able to "get me."  One of the hubs favorite stories about me is when I got so scared of a cricket I jumped onto the couch and tooted VERY LOUDLY because I got so scared!  It took him 5 minutes to stop laughing hysterically in order to get rid of the creepy bug! (Not funny!....ok well kind of).

Anyway, this year there is an explosion of stink bugs in the area.  Apparently these little jerks have been around for about 10 years - but I had never seen one until I moved to our house in the burbs.  They are ugly, nasty and disgusting bugs.  I hate them! What makes it worse is that they are everywhere! They definitely like it in our house and take every opportunity to come in and join the party.  They are NOT invited!  I probably scream "BUG!" to Sean about 10 times a night - so that he can come to my rescue with a piece of TP.  It would be bad enough if this was the only issue.  But it's not...

Apparently these little effers have a vendetta against me for some reason.  It's like they know my biggest fear is having bugs on me while i'm sleeping because that is EXACTLY what has happened multiple times in the last 7 days!

The first time it happened, it was around 2am and I was sleeping peacefully.  I was laying on my side with my arm outside the blankets when I was awoken to a little tickle on my arm.  I went to scratch it and FELT SOMETHING! I brushed my arm, shot out of bed, turned on the light and yelled THERE WAS A BUG ON ME!! (just writing this sent shivers up my spine!)

worst fear realized!

Sean woke up and looked at me like I was nuts..but then saw the stink-jerk climbing on the bed.  He grabbed a tissue, got the bug, and rolled back over to go to sleep.  I just sat there staring at him  That's it?  No worries...I'll be snoring in 2 minutes?  Hmph.  I could barely sleep the rest of the night and kept imagining that every piece of hair that brushed across my face was bug.

The next day, I was taking a shower and was rinsing the bad night memories out of my hair when I look down on the ground of the shower stall and there is a effin stink bug wriggling around on it's back on the floor! WHERE DID IT COME FROM?  Was it in my hair? Oh god....NO! I swear, every time I see a bug in a place it shouldn't be that creepy scary music from Halloween plays in my head! So I jumped out of the shower with all the suds in my hair and used the shower sprayer to wash that bitch down the drain.  Ugh...I figured I should be good on the whole bug attacks for a while, right?  WRONG!

Since all of these bug assaults, Sean has been doing "bug check" in our room every night before I go to sleep. He'll look behind the curtains and generally any weird place a bug would hide.  We found 2 last night creeping before I went to sleep.  I figured we got them all and nestled down for the night.  So I'm laying there mere seconds from slumber when I hear this "ticka ticka" noise.  I decided to turn on the light just to check it out.  I'm probably being paranoid but...ya know.  So I turn on the light and look and what did I see?!?!

About to climb into my hair!!

a MOTHER EFFIN STINK BUG RIGHT NEXT TO MY PILLOW! So I jumped out of bed and screamed "BUGGGGG!!" for Sean to come upstairs and get it.  Needless to say I had another horrible nights sleep last night.  I seriously think I need to invest in a turban and ear plugs so that they don't crawl into my hair or ear and lay eggs!  And maybe a SARS mask too so they can't crawl into my mouth...and maybe some sort of plastic bubble to sleep in.

I have some major problems....

(Re)Learning Lullabies

I have been researching lullabies lately.  I have been daydreaming a lot about soothing my crying baby to sleep with the songs my mom used to sing to me as a little one.  There are ones that stand out: Bah Bah Black Sheep, Rock-a-by Baby, Sandman, You are my Sunshine.  I'm sure there are dozens more that she sang to me...and I intend to learn many of them for my own baby. There are lyrics and whatnot online so I've started pulling a list together and will begin practicing.  It's pretty funny to study baby songs and sing them out loud - but I hope that it will leave a lasting impression on our child.

Back in the craft room

I'll be honest, my jewelry making has taken a major hiatus.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been too tired, sick, or hot to sit in my craft nook and create anything.  It made me sad that I had this awesome work area set up with all of the supplies I could ever dream of...and no desire to sit my butt at the table and make stuff.  I have my etsy shop and haven't added any new items in months.  I'm hoping to change that soon. 

I actually had a great reason to get up there and make something this past week.  My dear friend turned 30, and I just had to make her something special for her monumental day!  Off to the nook I went...and for the first time in months picked up the pliers and stones and made something! Actually 2 things.  A pair of quartz earrings and a fire agate necklace.  I'm sorry that the pictures aren't very good...I used my phone.  I need to get the good camera back out too.  The hubbs bought me a macro lense for jewelry photography on my birthday (about a week after we found out we're having a little one) and I haven't taken it out of the box.  I need to refresh my photog skills and learn my new lens!  So much to do!! Now I just need to keep my lazy and ever-growing butt off the couch and create and learn and DO!

my jewelry packaging

lemon quartz earrings

fire agate necklace


This will be a short one but....these chips are the best invention ever.  Just sayin...

My feelings on lame fonts

I was just writing with my friend handpecked over our mutual hate of lame fonts, and it made me think about WHY I hate these fonts so much.  Here's why...

And there ya have it!

Scary Stuff

I have gone from being barely able to eat anything to wanting to eat EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! I am so scared of gaining too much weight during my pregancy but at the same the heck do you tell this, I will not feed you.  No you don't need that cookie.  No, that delicious pasta and meatballs must not be put into my mouth-hole.  I'm telling's difficult. 

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and I'm thinking that I've probably only gained like 5 pounds total so far....but like I said, I've only just regained my enjoyment of food.  Lets face it, I wasn't the tinest person to start (eh hem) so I can't be packing on the pounds all whilly nilly. 

Example: I have my husband hide the oreos from me.  I'm only allowed 4 at a time...and then if I ask for more I can have 2 more - but that's IT.  I told him no matter how much I beg for them I am only allowed my predetermined amount.  If left to my own desires I'd polish that bag off in two, ok ONE sitting. difficult! Now where can I find some cake?!

Maybe I DO need a baby pull sled thingy....

So as things progress with the pregnancy, there are lots of things swimming in my head.  I haven't done anything to the future nursary or anything because we don't know what we're having yet(October 21st!!). BUT, I have been thinking about all the stuff that you need to keep your baby happy, healthy and taken care of.  The swings, the baby bath thingy, toys, crib, blankets, clothes, etc.  How the heck do you know what you REALLY need and what is a bunch of crap?  Everyone has their opinions of what worked best for their kids - but will it work for yours?  What if my baby doesn't like the swing but preferrs the vibrating chair thingy?  What if you need both?  What if you need neither?  SO MUCH to think about! Stuff I never really thought about until recently - because I have to start thinking about it.  So while I wanted to rest a bit with all of this thinking, I decided to research all of the crazy stuff that the wonderful internet has to offer babies - because I'm pretty sure my kid is gonna need....

A super sweet orb to sleep in that costs a bajillion dollars.  I want this kid to grow up to wear rainbow suspenders and say nanu nanu!

Nothin says lovin' like the baby snuggie.

My kid is definitely gonna need this - you know, for all of our trips to the tundra!

But THIS I can get behind! Child labor laws my butt...get to work baby!


Ok it’s time for our big news. Y’all ready for it? Here it goes. I'm sure that the people who follow me on twitter or read my blog have noticed a lull in my writing and updates.  It's because of this news.  I wanted to share it with you all so many times, but these things have to wait until the time is right....and now is the time!

So, Sean and I got married on May 22nd. Before we got married we discussed our future and what we wanted. We both knew we wanted kids and talked about when we would take that next step. We decided to just “see what happens” after the wedding. Translation: We wouldn’t really “try” but we weren’t doing anything to stop it.

So here we are, less than 4 months later and I am 13 weeks pregnant. Yep, that’s right! PREGNANT! Apparently we didn’t take into consideration that both sides of our families are EXTREMELY fertile when we thought “it probably will take a few months.” Ohh no kids, we’re talking right away!

look how frickin' cute!

So, I’m due on March 18th. That means when we celebrate our first wedding anniversary together, we will be a family with a new little addition to brighten our lives! I can’t wait!!

Let's try this again, shall we? Plus....MEAT and BREAD and VEGGIES oh my!

I have been a Slacker Mcslackerson with the old blog lately. I feel badly that I have neglected this space as I know that in order to have readers you must actually write more than once every few months. I promise I have an excuse but I don’t want to use this time to talk about that. Nobody likes excuses. How about this….I promise to do my best to start writing more. To share with you either stories of what’s going on in my life or pictures of what inspires me or makes me smile as I have in the past.

Don’t worry this post isn’t all excuses….I do have something to share with you. My sister Terrie and her husband Pete run a fantastic butcher shop on Long Island in NY. The business has been in Pete’s family for many years and he has been running the show for as long as I can remember. They recently started a blog to share recipes, specials and pics of their awesome store. I suggest you check it out (especially if you live on Long Island as their food is FANTASTIC!) I wish I lived closer so I could eat some of Peter’s steaks and my sister’s home made salads all the time!

LINK: Stork's Prime Meats

aren't they the cutest?!

…and now I’m hungry! Hey sis…wanna fly on down to Baltimore with some steaks?!

Otakon 2010 is in Full Effect

According to Wikipedia, Otakon is "Otakon (oh-tah-kon) is a fan convention in the United States focusing on East Asian popular culture (primarily anime, manga, music, and cinema) and its fandom. The name is a portmanteau derived from convention and the Japanese word otaku. Otakon is traditionally held on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in late summer at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland's Inner Harbor district. Otakon is one of the longest-running Anime conventions in the United States, and the second largest, averaging over 22,000 paid attendees since 2005. "

It's right across the street from our office and MAN is it some GOOD PEOPLE WATCHING! And the best part is...they will pose in pics for you! Check it out...

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