Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our good friends Keely & Bernie's house for their annual Easter egg hunt.  Penelope and all of the kids had a fantastic time! And I loved seeing all of my bestest college friends all together with all our kiddos. It was so much fun and we really should make it a point to see each other more often!  Here are some pictures of the fantastic day!

finding her first egg

can I eat these?
this is fun!!


this one is about to POP! So exciting!

Oh snap! More eggs!!

I got them ALL!

the Biscuit and her man

our lovely host!

Wouldn't expect anything less from this fool!

such a beautiful family...about to get bigger too! Baby #3 this week!

mmmm CANDY!
Love this family!

Our gracious mini host!


mouth full of candy
We had a great time!
is it next year yet? I wanna do it again!

It's been a while...

Sorry everyone. I am not very good at posting consistantly, but I figured I owed you all some new pics of little Penelope. She's 13 months old now and she's really growing! She's cruising around furniture, letting go while standing, and walking with her little push cart. I think she's going to be walking in no time!

She also says bye bye and waves and I think she's very close to saying dog (gok) and balloon (booooohfffff). She says mama and dada but not to us so who knows if she comprehends that's who we are or if she's just making noises. Oh well...we'll get there in time!

It's amazing how once she became mobile the stranger danger went completely away. When we go to gymboree or play dates she will crawl up to anyone and climb up them.  It's pretty funny!

Anyway...the weather has been absolutely beautiful lately and we have been taking full advantage of the outdoors. Today we spent a little time in our tiny patch of grass and I got out the good camera. Here are some pictures of our little lady in some summer clothes.


So I have been tagged by Velveteen and I figured I should do what she says.  She's lethal with an x-acto knife (usually self inflicted though).

Rules? #1 A photo of me:

#2 state 10 random things about me
    1. My pinkies are abnormally short. I have freak pinkies. I didn't know I had freak pinkies until I was in my 20s. No wonder I sucked at piano as a kid!
    2. I have a cat named Jesus (pronounced hey-seus). Velveteen and I went to college together. She found the cat behind a liquor store and named him Jesus.  She said I could have him but I had to keep his name. I call him Zeus for short....just so I don't have to here them call his name at the vet.  "Is there a JEEEEESUS here"
    3. I could eat pasta for every single meal all day every day. I LOVE IT!
    4. I will NEVER eat asparagus again.  That pee smell makes me want to vomit!
    5. I have serious road rage issues. I used to have to listen to books on tape when I commuted to work just to calm myself down.
    6. I grew up in New Jersey. Not Sopranos style NJ....but farm town NJ. There was a cow field across the street from my High School and cows would occasionally get loose in our sports fields.
    7. I rarely drank in college....or after college.  I've only recently taken a liking to alcohol - but it's margaritas only! And NO MIX! It's gotta be top shelf or I'm not drinking it!
    8. I went to college, had a successful career and gave it all up to stay home and be a full time mom. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. This is the BEST job I've ever had!
    9. I have the WORST handwriting. Sometimes even I can't read what it says.
    10. I'm addicted to bad TV.  Some of my favorites are Jersey Shore, 90210 and Top Model.  Really I will watch almost anything. Thank goodness for DVR.

    Now a Q&A Portion:
    1. If you didn't have a/kid(s) right now where do you think you'd be? Probably still working for the man.  I HATED working for the man!
    2. What's your most annoying trait? Sometimes I'm not an active listener. I need to remind myself to pay better attention sometimes. I hate that about myself.
    3. Ryan Gosling or Taye Diggs? Ryan Gosling! He's one of my 5 for SURE!
    4. When are you at your best? After a good night sleep. I can not function if I don't get sleep.  Thankfully Penelope is a good sleeper so I don't have to wake up early! I think I would die!
    5. What is the answer to the universe? Carpe Diem
    6. What do you geek out for? Little baby girl clothes.  I LOVE dressing P in little cute outfits!
    7. GLEE or Criminal Minds? I have never seen Criminal Minds and stopped watching GLEE about 4 episodes ago. I found myself fast forwarding through all the songs and then realized...what's the point?
    8. What is your superpower? Being awesome. But honestly if I could CHOOSE a super power it would have to be teleportation. Try to think of a better power.
    9. If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be? Cape May, NJ!
    10. Favourite Blog? I have lots of favorites. Craft blogs, professional mommy bloggers, and especially friends blogs!
    Now, I tag Sara Courtney, and Natalie
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