32 & 1/2 weeks

My partner in crime (biscuit) is back on the scene, so she was able to snap a belly pic of me today.  Please disregard my overall puffy PUFFY face and eyes because that's the norm for me these days.  While the acne hasn't subsided since I was about a week pregnant - I now have the additional water retention in the ankles/feet, hands and face.  I knew about ankle swelling but had no idea that my eyelids would swell to the point where I look like I'm having an allergic reaction. I am down to just wearing mascara because any additional makeup would just get swallowed by my fat eyelids.  It's oh so beautiful.  Oh well..only a few short weeks to go and our little girl will be here.  I consider myself lucky that I don't have gestational diabetes or anything serious - so a little swelling (ok a LOT swelling) I can deal with.  The hardest thing is writing these days.  My handwriting was awful before - but now that my fingers are like sausages it is nearly impossible to write something legible.  Sorry in advance to anyone who has to try to decipher my scribble!

Additonally, I have revamped the blog layout....again! Yes I know I did it a while back but I was really not happy with the result.  I was just getting frustrated so I gave up and went with the last one that I got working.  Now I think I've got it where I want it.  I hope you all like - it's a lot cleaner I think. 

Well, back to the grind.  Enjoy the latest belly pic in all it's glory!
can you believe I still have 8 weeks?!?

The Nursery Reveal

So we've been working hard on the nursery and it's pretty much done.  We have a few things to add (curtains for one...hence the empty curtain rod) but for the most part it's complete.  Now all we need is our little girl to snuggle with and rock to sleep in our awesome glider!  Anyway, here are the pics!

here is the view from the doorway

the repainted vintage furniture (with new knobs) and the shelves/baskets that Sean put up for me!  Oh AND the awesome print that I won from the tinyandlittle blog! Yay!!

another view of the crib.  I was considering putting another piece of art on the blank wall behind the crib, but I'm hoping we'll get a mobile and that will go there...so I figured I'd wait and see how that looks first!

The shelves along the opposite wall of the crib.  The top row are all my old "Little Golden Books" and my first dolls.  Also on the top right are my first pair of baby shoes.  The bottom row holds all our little girl's first toys!  Aren't they adorable?!

View of wall opposite of crib.  I am in love with these dressers we got off of Craig's list - they are prefect!

Our new rocking chair that my sisters gave us complete with a cute owl pillow AND the adorable Oh Susanna doll that I won from the dandelion blog in Australia! Isn't she darling?!

So there it is.  I just love walking in there at random times during the day and imagine what it will be like once she's here with us.  So excited!

In other news - I just called the doctor to get the results from my latest glucose tolerance test and I'm very happy to report that I do NOT have gestational diabetes! I can not tell you how relieved I am.  Sure I still need to watch my sugar and diet but I am not considered high risk and I don't have to worry about checking my blood every few hours and all that.  I have been so worried about this the past few weeks (since my last test came back inconclusive) but now that I'm in the clear I can focus my energy on all the happiness! Horray!

32 Weeks!

We hit 32 weeks today - Only 8 more weeks until my due date.  It's getting so close!  This week I had my 2nd glucose tolerance test and now I'm just waiting for the results.  Fingers crossed that it comes back negative and I can stop worrying about gestational diabetes!  Even if it does come back negative I am still going to keep my sugar and white carbs intake in check.  Whatever is best for our little girl! Speaking of our little peanut - I am starting to get really curious about what she's going to look like.  Sean and I talk about it from time to time....will she have blonde hair or brown hair?  Will she have my nose and his lips?  Who knows?! I have been looking at pictures from when we were both little and trying to imaging what little pieces of us will be looking back at us from the eyes our our precious baby.

For some fun - here are a few pics of Sean and I as little ones.
Dad dressed me on picture day this year - hence the large yarn bow!
I mean can he be any cuter?  Look at the little hair flip!

The bow tie!! the BOW TIE!!

big head....and what was I watching? Sheesh mom....that's some racy TV!

So no belly pic today because my parter in crime isn't at work today to take the picture.  I promise to share one soon.  Sean and I have our childbirthing class this Sunday.  I think it's really going to hit me that I have to get this baby out of me somehow very VERY soon.  I'm trying not to panic but I'm pretty scared.  At least in the end it will all be worth it and we'll have our beautiful girl here with us!

Happy Friday!

First update in the new year!

Happy New Year everyone! I haven’t updated in a while (I know, shocker!) so I figured I’d pop in and let you know what’s been going on.  It’s been a roller coaster – but all in all it’s been pretty great.

About a week before Christmas I went in for my regular glucose tolerance test – and it came back high.  That meant that I had to go back and take the 3 hour test to see if I have gestational diabetes.  I was pretty scared but figured if I had it, I’d deal with it.  I had to go on a high carb diet for 3 days and then fast the night before the test.  Sean was great and drove me back and forth to the blood lab every hour for 3 hours so I could lay on the couch between blood draws (ah the beauty of living right across the street from the doctor!) I got the results this week and it came back that 1 of the blood glucose levels was high.  If 2 of them came back high I would be designated a diabetic.  But since it’s only 1 level, I have to retake the test at 32 weeks.  LAME! I am basically on a diabetic diet right now – no more cake and cookies or white bread.  I’m basically on weight watchers without counting the points.  I’m not trying to lose weight but I have to eat lots of lean proteins and veggies and less refined sugars and carbs.  Figures I’d be the one that has to still be on a diet while I’m preggers! Oh well, whatever will keep our baby healthy!

I also had a little scare with the baby last week.  I think I was just paranoid, but I swore that she wasn’t moving around as much as she should in there.  I called my doc and they brought me in and hooked me up to a fetal stress monitor.  Basically it’s just some bands that go around my belly and chart the baby’s heartbeat.  Sean came with me and it was pretty cool to sit there and listen to the baby’s heartbeat for 20 minutes.  She even kicked a few times while I was hooked up.  When the doctor came back in she said that everything looked fantastic!  And honestly, since we did that I’ve been feeling her a lot more.  Maybe she was moving around the whole time but I had convinced myself that something was wrong.  Who knows? Being responsible for growing a little person is very stressful and I think my fears got the best of me.

Oh and remember when I posted about what I wanted for Christmas?  Well, Sean is getting me the ultimate gift! In a very sweet card (he gives the best cards!) he made me a coupon that said “good for 1 minivan!” Yay…this new mama is getting herself a minivan! I don’t care if they aren’t “cool.”  My jeep just won’t be as great for carting around our new little one and all the stuff she comes with.  I’m so excited! I’m just waiting to receive the lein release on my car and then we’re going shopping!

I have made some major progress on the nursery.  All the little clothes that we have received from the NJ shower as well as all the adorable hand me downs that people have given us are all washed, folded and put away.  We also got a mattress for the crib and the linens I ordered should be here any day now. I have my art project started for the walls and bought some shelves to put up.  I also found some of my old dolls to put in there.  I should be able to post pics very soon!  I can’t wait to share with everyone!

And finally – my latest belly pic.  I am growing at lighting speed! I’m starting to waddle and it’s getting harder and harder to get up and roll over in bed.  Good times!  But hey – only about 70 days to go!

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