Photo Shoot

Decided to take some pictures of Penelope today. Here are my favorites!

Also, today is my sister Terrie's birthday....happy birthday sis!

Visit with My Brother and Family

My brother and his family came to visit this weekend to meet Penelope for the first time. We had a great time and little Penelope was the center of attention....which is her favorite!

With her Uncle Ricky and Cousin Chrissy


With her Uncle Ricky and Cousins Chrissy and Ricky

Checkin' our her Uncle's face

With her Aunt Sue

Ricky and Sue
We had a very nice time with the family.  Our dog Mia is moping around the house now because of all the love and treats everyone gave her while they were here too.  haha.'s another picture I took of her today.  Doesn't really fit into the story but I think she looks super here it is.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


My little baby girl is a supermodel! She posed for some baby headbands for a friend of a friend who is opening an etsy shop. Here are the best takes. I think it's time to start entering her in some glitz pageants! (Just Kidding!!!)

Moving on Up to Cereal and other updates

Penelope tried rice cereal for the first time today. She didn't seem to like it too much but it sure was fun to watch her!
I don't know about this guys!
It's kinda weird tasting....
Get it out of my mouth!

She is doing really great! She loves her daddy, and loves to roll over on her belly!
This is AWESOME!

That's right...just chillin on my belly like a big girl!
I'm also very happy to report that her hemangioma is doing fantastic! We started her on Propanolol a month ago and it has drastically reduced the size of the mark.  So much so that in our last eye doctor appointment on the 12th he said that her vision is symmetrical again and she is no longer in need of glasses! This medicine has saved her vision and she has had no side effects at all! We are so very lucky to live near Johns Hopkins where they are pioneering the use of proanolol as treatment for hemangiomas!  Here are some before and after pics just so you can see how amazing this drug is!!

And in non-baby news.... it's crazy but it's true.  3 years ago today, Sean and I met for the first time. It's amazing how much has happened in the past 3 years.  I love you Sean!

Our first picture together. Date #4 - day trip to Cape May, NJ

Right after he proposed on the beach in Cape May!

our baby is born!
And now we're the lucky parents of a beautiful 6 month old little girl!

Have a happy weekend!

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