uppin' the jewelry skills

So, I've been upping my jewelry making skills lately and wanted to share with you all.  I've moved on to higher-end materials like sterling silver and fire-polished beads.  I also took a wire class this past weekend and learned about wrapping and hammering.  I've been having so much fun! I hope you like!!

swarovski crystal earrings

double beaded earrings

hand-hammered ring necklace with czech glass beads

fire polished czech beads with copper lining

Secret Posts

I am starting to write my posts about all the wedding crafts and saving them as drafts.  That way I don't share anything before the big event but still have all the DIY stuff written and documented.  After the honeymoon I'll start posting them so you all can see what fun I had creating the look of our DIY crafty wedding.  I can't wait to share.  It's so hard to keep all these drafts secret and not hitting post - but I promise it'll be worth it!

In the meantime...isn't he handsome?  I can't wait to get married! 5 weeks (squee!)

at Kevin and Stacey's Wedding Rehearsal

I suck at blogging

I swear I want to blog more often.  I love finding fun stuff to post and/or do crafty things and share them.  I have been so crazy busy lately with wedding planning and life in general (Sean's brother got married last weekend too!) that I haven't had the time to be inspired.  I am making super cute table numbers this weekend and a cupcake stand and I SO want to share them here....but I think I'm going to wait until after the wedding to show all of my super cute wedding crafts.  I don't want to ruin the suprise by doing it in pieces.  There are so many DIY projects going into our wedding...and I can't wait to share all of my (and T's) hard work with you. There's less than 40 days before the big event.  Here is a list of all the craft projects that still need to be done:

- table numbers
- cupcake stand
- table runners
- finish making my jewelery
- finish bridesmaids presents
- hotel welcome bags
- finish programs
- table assignment cards
- paper poofs
- napkin rings
- picture memory montage
- cake topper
- make 100 cupcakes (eek!)
- a thousand other things I haven't thought of!

I am going to be a busy bride-to-be in the coming weeks! I can't wait until the day is finally here!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope everyone has a great Easter.  Me...I'm not really doing much of anything.  We are probably going to grill up some HAMburgers.  That counts, right?  Anyway - enjoy this beautiful weather!

Here are some pics of my niece Melanie and I from Easters of yester year.  Weren't we just the cutest?!
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