(Re)Learning Lullabies

I have been researching lullabies lately.  I have been daydreaming a lot about soothing my crying baby to sleep with the songs my mom used to sing to me as a little one.  There are ones that stand out: Bah Bah Black Sheep, Rock-a-by Baby, Sandman, You are my Sunshine.  I'm sure there are dozens more that she sang to me...and I intend to learn many of them for my own baby. There are lyrics and whatnot online so I've started pulling a list together and will begin practicing.  It's pretty funny to study baby songs and sing them out loud - but I hope that it will leave a lasting impression on our child.

Back in the craft room

I'll be honest, my jewelry making has taken a major hiatus.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been too tired, sick, or hot to sit in my craft nook and create anything.  It made me sad that I had this awesome work area set up with all of the supplies I could ever dream of...and no desire to sit my butt at the table and make stuff.  I have my etsy shop and haven't added any new items in months.  I'm hoping to change that soon. 

I actually had a great reason to get up there and make something this past week.  My dear friend turned 30, and I just had to make her something special for her monumental day!  Off to the nook I went...and for the first time in months picked up the pliers and stones and made something! Actually 2 things.  A pair of quartz earrings and a fire agate necklace.  I'm sorry that the pictures aren't very good...I used my phone.  I need to get the good camera back out too.  The hubbs bought me a macro lense for jewelry photography on my birthday (about a week after we found out we're having a little one) and I haven't taken it out of the box.  I need to refresh my photog skills and learn my new lens!  So much to do!! Now I just need to keep my lazy and ever-growing butt off the couch and create and learn and DO!

my jewelry packaging

lemon quartz earrings

fire agate necklace


This will be a short one but....these chips are the best invention ever.  Just sayin...

My feelings on lame fonts

I was just writing with my friend handpecked over our mutual hate of lame fonts, and it made me think about WHY I hate these fonts so much.  Here's why...

And there ya have it!

Scary Stuff

I have gone from being barely able to eat anything to wanting to eat EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! I am so scared of gaining too much weight during my pregancy but at the same time...how the heck do you tell this belly....no, I will not feed you.  No you don't need that cookie.  No, that delicious pasta and meatballs must not be put into my mouth-hole.  I'm telling you...it's difficult. 

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and I'm thinking that I've probably only gained like 5 pounds total so far....but like I said, I've only just regained my enjoyment of food.  Lets face it, I wasn't the tinest person to start (eh hem) so I can't be packing on the pounds all whilly nilly. 

Example: I have my husband hide the oreos from me.  I'm only allowed 4 at a time...and then if I ask for more I can have 2 more - but that's IT.  I told him no matter how much I beg for them I am only allowed my predetermined amount.  If left to my own desires I'd polish that bag off in two, ok ONE sitting.

Sigh...so difficult! Now where can I find some cake?!

Maybe I DO need a baby pull sled thingy....

So as things progress with the pregnancy, there are lots of things swimming in my head.  I haven't done anything to the future nursary or anything because we don't know what we're having yet(October 21st!!). BUT, I have been thinking about all the stuff that you need to keep your baby happy, healthy and taken care of.  The swings, the baby bath thingy, toys, crib, blankets, clothes, etc.  How the heck do you know what you REALLY need and what is a bunch of crap?  Everyone has their opinions of what worked best for their kids - but will it work for yours?  What if my baby doesn't like the swing but preferrs the vibrating chair thingy?  What if you need both?  What if you need neither?  SO MUCH to think about! Stuff I never really thought about until recently - because I have to start thinking about it.  So while I wanted to rest a bit with all of this thinking, I decided to research all of the crazy stuff that the wonderful internet has to offer babies - because I'm pretty sure my kid is gonna need....

A super sweet orb to sleep in that costs a bajillion dollars.  I want this kid to grow up to wear rainbow suspenders and say nanu nanu!

Nothin says lovin' like the baby snuggie.

My kid is definitely gonna need this - you know, for all of our trips to the tundra!

But this....now THIS I can get behind! Child labor laws my butt...get to work baby!


Ok it’s time for our big news. Y’all ready for it? Here it goes. I'm sure that the people who follow me on twitter or read my blog have noticed a lull in my writing and updates.  It's because of this news.  I wanted to share it with you all so many times, but these things have to wait until the time is right....and now is the time!

So, Sean and I got married on May 22nd. Before we got married we discussed our future and what we wanted. We both knew we wanted kids and talked about when we would take that next step. We decided to just “see what happens” after the wedding. Translation: We wouldn’t really “try” but we weren’t doing anything to stop it.

So here we are, less than 4 months later and I am 13 weeks pregnant. Yep, that’s right! PREGNANT! Apparently we didn’t take into consideration that both sides of our families are EXTREMELY fertile when we thought “it probably will take a few months.” Ohh no kids, we’re talking right away!

look how frickin' cute!

So, I’m due on March 18th. That means when we celebrate our first wedding anniversary together, we will be a family with a new little addition to brighten our lives! I can’t wait!!
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