Theo's Photo Shoot

I have the pleasure of talking little Theo's pictures today.  His mommy, Marlon, and daddy, Andrew were there to help make this little one smile.  He was mister serious but gave us a few killer smiles.  And man oh man when he did light up it was awesome - so many teeth! He really enjoyed clapping for us and even gave us a Tyra Banks worthy "smize!"  Here are some of the best photos...


check out the "smize" - Tyra would be so proud!

family pic


Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!

Penelope's First Christmas - 2011

We had an amazingly wonderful first Christmas with Penelope.  She is such a good baby, which is why Santa treated her very well this Christmas! We started the day with opening presents.  She had so much fun tearing the paper and seeing all of her new toys!

She had so much fun opening presents

playing with her new blocks

what's this?

ooh a book! Here's daddy reading to her.

the cats were not impressed

she loves her new doggy!

Sean not happy about getting undies for Christmas!

Me being VERY excited about getting a mini tripod.  I got lots of photo stuff this Christmas and I can't WAIT to try it all out!

Showing Penelope how her new steering wheel works

Now there's a happy boy!

Daddy bought his little girl an ornament just from him. sweet

I just love her so much!
After opening presents we had our delicious breakfast of naughty cinnimon buns!
nom nom nom
 Then it was off to Grandmom and Grandpop's house on the Eastern Shore.  All of Sean's brothers and sisters were there and Penelope had so much fun!
Sitting on Grandpop's lap.  He is in love with this little girl and didn't want to put her down.

the Grandparent's cat was not amused either!

she just LOVES getting her hair blown.  So funny!

Sitting on her GREAT Grandmom's lap!

Opening more presents!  This little girl raked it in this year!

riding on her new beautiful rocking horse that her grandparents gave her. 
isn't it pretty?  And when it rocks the little legs hit the wood slats and make a clip clop sound!

sitting on Grandmom's lap.
Hope you all had a very merry Christmas too! Hugs!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We are having Christmas eve dinner at our house and Sean's brother is coming over to spend it with us.  My sister in law (his wife) is a pediatric ER doctor and she's working tonight so she won't we joining us.  We're bummed but glad that we can have his brother over to partake in some delicious dinner! I have the chicken in the oven and I'm about to start making all of the other fixins.  Stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, biscuits....yuuum!!

We had a bit of a mishap this morning.  I made a cheesecake and put a pan of water on the bottom rack so that it wouldn't crack.  Unfortunately, the oven was kind of dirty...and as the water splashed onto the bottom of the stove...somehow a fire started! Sean was quick and put the fire out with a fire extinguisher.  Unfortunately that means the cheesecake was ruined.  As well as our lunch that was on the table...and anything else that wasn't covered! We spent the morning cleaning the oven and wiping the chemical dust off of everything.  Whoopsie! At least I was making it early enough that I had time to go to the store to get supplies to make another one.  The cheesecake is for tomorrow so I'll just make another one after dinner.  Sigh...what's Christmas without a little drama, right?  At least it was a small contained fire and nobody was hurt.  Maybe my pride a little...but what can ya do?  haha.  Anyway...I won't be posting tomorrow so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a very relaxing and drama-free time! Hugs!!

Brady's Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of taking my neighbor Faith's son's pictures the other day.  He just turned one in November so I took some for his first birthday as well as for Christmas.  Brady is all about walking these days and just wants to explore everything! And since our houses are laid out the same way he really knows how to get around the place! We had lots of fun trying to get him to stay still for the pictures - lots of playing with different toys and calling his name.  We were able to get some good ones in the process.  We also got some sweet pictures of him by the window because he just loved standing there and looking outside! 

Here are some of the best shots from his first birthday shoot.

And here are some of the best ones from his Christmas shoot.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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