Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our good friends Keely & Bernie's house for their annual Easter egg hunt.  Penelope and all of the kids had a fantastic time! And I loved seeing all of my bestest college friends all together with all our kiddos. It was so much fun and we really should make it a point to see each other more often!  Here are some pictures of the fantastic day!

finding her first egg

can I eat these?
this is fun!!


this one is about to POP! So exciting!

Oh snap! More eggs!!

I got them ALL!

the Biscuit and her man

our lovely host!

Wouldn't expect anything less from this fool!

such a beautiful family...about to get bigger too! Baby #3 this week!

mmmm CANDY!
Love this family!

Our gracious mini host!


mouth full of candy
We had a great time!
is it next year yet? I wanna do it again!

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